Meet Trixie! An Affectionate & Loyal 2 Yr Old Mastiff Mix, Ready for Love!

Name: Trix

AKA: Trixie

Breed: Mastiff Mix

Age: ~ 2 Years

Weight: 80lbs.

Before OMD: Confiscated from an abandoned building with another dog and then needed some serious decompression time after the shelter, which was very stressful for her.

Temperament: Loyal. Protective. Affectionate. Powerful.

Energy Level: Medium High. Walking. Hiking. Jogging. Zooming. She's ready for all of it.

Best Physical Features: Her two-toned back legs!

OMD Title: Squirrel Patrol Officer

Affection Level: High. Her happy place is with her head in your lap for pets or her body on your lap (feet on the ground) for hugs.

Smarty Pants Level: Extra High. Sit. Give paw. Crate. Fetch.

What makes us laugh: Her ability to fall asleep standing up.

What makes her happy: Soft places for napping. Toys (and picking them out from the basket). Her foster brother -- playing, snuggling, jaw jacking. Cuddles with her humans.

Dislikes: Bath time. Loud noises.

Working on: Confidence outside of her home and with new people. Distractions on leash walks. Putting her toys back in the basket...kidding.

Claim to Fame: She can jump from 4 on the floor to being completely air born while catching a toy in mid-air in two seconds flat.

Dogs: Yes but pups should be playful and not intimidated by her intense, rough and tumble style.

Cats: Big no.

Kids: Older, sturdy kiddos only. She's a big, strong girl.

Crate Trained: Perfect. She is happy to go in with just the point of a finger.

Housebroken: Completely.

Trix is spayed, vaccinated, heartworm negative, and microchipped. She is available for adoption to residents of CT and surrounding states. If you are interested in adopting, please apply

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