All Dad REALLY Wants for Father's Day...

Father and son dressed as dragons playing in living room

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So what does dad REALLY want for Father's Day on Sunday? If you haven't bought your dad anything yet, you're in luck! Almost 40% of dads in the United States say they'd be happy with a really nice gift card. is ALWAYS easy to buy for...just don't do the socks or tie thing...that's old and tired!

A new RetailMeNot poll finds:

69% of Americans plan to make a Father’s Day purchase this year, regardless of COVID-19 limitations.

The average shopper plans to spend $89 on dad.

The average man will spend $114, and the average woman will spend $62.

As for the top gifts dad wants this year:

  • 40% want a gift card
  • 32% would like dinner from a restaurant
  • 27% would like an at-home prepared meal
  • 27% prefer clothing
  • 18% would like an alcohol purchase

Source: Yahoo Finance

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