Beckon Ice Cream!

Here's Renee interview with Gwen Burlingame and Katy Flannery, Co-Founders of Beckon Ice Cream!

They chat about their delicious lactose-free products and about their mission to "spread the joy of real ice cream to everyone!".

Listen below:

About Beckon Ice Cream

This is the story of Katy, a lactose intolerant nurse, and Gwen, a sympathetic sweet tooth who couldn’t stand the thought of people going through life without ice cream. The pair both grew up loving ice cream but, by the time they met at Villanova University, Katy had become lactose intolerant. She tried all the alternatives – soy, almond, coconut and more – but they just didn’t cut it. So she churned up something better – REAL ice cream, without the lactose. Finally, Gwen and Katy could share the same pint and no one had to compromise. They decided that no one should have to miss out on ice cream because of lactose intolerance, so they teamed up to bring the joy of real ice cream to all with Beckon.

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