AG Tong speaks from the heart on George Floyd, racism, protests & change.

Attorney General Tong, speaks from the heart on George Floyd, racism, protests and change.

"There's a tremendous amount of pain and suffering, first of all, being endured by George Floyd's family and his community in Minnesota..but also, across the country.

This is pain and suffering that Connecticut knows because we are also familiar with victims of institutionalized racism, hate and bias. We've had instances of law enforcement misconduct and brutality here in Connecticut...people have been hurt and people have lost their lives. So, we are no different than many other communities in that, we understand this pain and this suffering and we've had enough. It has to stop.

This is hundreds of years, if not, thousands of years in the making. It's powerful and important that people show solidarity and support each other, march and protest, but we have to do more than that."

-AG William Tong

Listen below for the complete interview:

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