Interview with Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation

Fidelco Guide Foundation updates us on what's going on at their Pup House, Virtual Events including the Dog Days of Summer Camp for children and how you can continue to support their mission with a matched donation through July 5, 2020!

Renee DiNino chats with Karen Tripp, CEO & Board Member and Richard Pummell, Vice President!

Listen below:

Seven weeks ago, in a first-ever collaboration, 8 puppies – 5 girls and 3 boys – were born to “Luna” of Guiding Eyes for the Blind and “Indy” from Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation. This adorable little lady, now named, “A-Gypsy,” will be raised by Fidelco Trainer and Placement Specialist, Becky Cook.

This is a significant step in continuing to improve the German Shepherd Dog breed. Fidelco has always worked to increase the work ethic, intelligence and stamina of its dogs and is known for a high success rate in placements and longevity of service.

Genetic diversity is key to continuing to enhance the breed. We will learn how sharing bloodlines from other guide dog schools enhances and improves the health and performance of Fidelco’s breeding colony and contribute our knowledge to other schools who breed German Shepherd dogs. Specifically, this:

• Will increase accuracy in identifying the genetically best breeding

• Is advantageous because most health and behavior traits are controlled

• Accurately identifies the genetically superior young dogs based on their genetic merit ranking

• Means working together to accomplish a common goal

Collaboration not only contributes to the genetic diversity of our own breeding colony, but also genetic diversity ensures that we have the highest quality dogs.

Welcome, A-Gypsy!

Dog Days of Summer Children's Program:

Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation’s summer program is designed for the dog lover! Children learn about Fidelco’s German Shepherd guide dogs – their development, training, and the amazing partnerships our guide dogs have with men and women who are blind. Participants will experience working with a guide dog as someone who is blind by participating in blindfold walks and learning about the everyday challenges that people with visual impairments may face.

Children will also learn about other breeds and their origins, canine development, puppy raising, basic dog training, health care, grooming and first aid. They will work in our kennel, assisting with feeding and cleaning to help them understand the responsibility of dog ownership. Other topics of discussion include but are not limited to: anti-drug messaging, canine jobs outside of “guide dog” work, dog-related career opportunities for humans, and more!

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