Interview: Nick Zito, Forest Practices Act Forester - Division of Forestry

Here is Renee's interview with Nick Zito, Forest Practices Act Forester - Division of Forestry, Bureau of Natural Resources, Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

He chats about CT DEEP and the Connecticut Grown Forest Products Program, which promotes products made from trees grown in Connecticut!

Listen below:

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Click here to view an interactive map of producers of CT Grown Forest Products throughout CT!

Connecticut is a state rich in forest resources. The wide variety of products that come from its forests include:

  • lumber,
  • timbers and beams,
  • flooring,
  • fencing,
  • landscape mulch, and
  • maple syrup.

Wood from Connecticut's trees is also used in the manufacture of items as wide ranging as:

  • fine furniture,
  • wooden bowls, and
  • specialty items, such as the masts of tall ships and wooden boat timber.

Below: Look out for these CT DOT road signs that will help direct you to CT Grown Forest Products vendors!

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