Interview with American Humane Society about Pets & Covid-19

Jean Shafiroff, Ambassador of the American Humane Society, is speaking with me about the symptoms of this deadly virus in four-legged friends and the CDC’s recommendations to keep household pets safe from COVID-19.


NEW YORK, NY (April 28, 2020) – America has its first case of canine coronavirus, with a North Carolina pug being the first American dog with the virus that has proved so deadly among humans. The dog contracted the virus after living in a household with a mother, father, and son who have all tested positive for the novel coronavirus. The family’s daughter, second dog, and cat tested negative for the virus.


Jean Shafiroff is an international animal advocate and has worked with several dog advocacy organization for the fair treatment of canines in the United States and abroad. Activist Jean Shafiroff has been a member of the American Humane Society, the Southampton Animal Shelter, and several other organizations. Shafiroff continues to advocate for the fair treatment of all animals and adoption.

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