Interview: Molly Rees Gavin, President at Connecticut Community Care, inc

Here is Renee's interview with Molly Rees Gavin, President at Connecticut Community Care, Inc.

She shares how Connecticut Community Care, Inc. are dedicated to providing safe and quality care through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Listen below:

We know that arriving at the decision to seek care at home isn’t easy. We understand that it happens over time, but when you or a loved one think the time may be right, it’s important to know that you have a trusted place to rely on first.

Connecticut Community Care is your first step in the care at home process. As experienced care managers, we focus exclusively on being there when you think the time may be right for care at home. Rather than recommend a litany of services, we assess your personal situation first, listen to your family caregivers, then provide an independent review of options and help to coordinate care at home. We are your partner and problem-solver, helping to assess the situation, set personal goals, serve a mediator and negotiate complicated medical needs, among other activities.

On any given day, our 200 plus trained geriatric care managers are on the road in homes across the state working to thoroughly understand clients’ needs, with the goal of helping them live the life they choose at home and in their own communities. As independent care managers, we are careful to recommend only the services you need, making for better outcomes and cost value. We know first-hand that when clients receive care management services at home by specially trained geriatric care managers, hospitalizations and emergency room admissions are greatly reduced, healthier outcomes are realized, and greater cost value is achieved.

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