iHeartMedia CT Virtual Food Drives, Here's How to Help!

(Photo: Foodshare)

As a result of the COVID-19 health pandemic, many of our neighbors across Connecticut communities are in need of meals now more than ever.

Our stations have partnered with Foodshare and the Connecticut Food Bank, to help raise funds to aid the cause. Social distancing has made physical food drives impossible to coordinate at this time due to the possible spread of the virus.

Foodshare is seeing a dramatic decrease in volunteers, a higher cost in purchasing pre-bagged produce which requires less sorting. These changes have shifted the way they operate to deliver food to pantries and Mobile Foodshare sites across Connecticut for food assistance.

Please consider making a donation at this time. Your donation of $50.00 can help provide 125 meals to residents of the state, however, we ask for a contribution that you would feel most comfortable during these times.

Donate to Foodshare at this link.

Stay home, stay safe, and support our virtual food drive!

Our Virtual Food Drive allows you to participate in a community response to help neighbors who are struggling with hunger during the pandemic. We've provided you some suggested giving levels that give an example of how our scale and purchasing power can help buy more of the basics that people are seeking.

Giving through our virtual food drive keeps you home and safe and allows Connecticut Food Bank to save on resources and source the most-needed items for people.

Supporting our virtual food drive is easy. Give on your own or build a team and recruit family, friends, neighbors, or business colleagues!


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