979 ESPN's Senior Night CT! Here's How Student Athletes Can Participate!

Over the past few weeks, the Rob Dibble Show on 979 ESPN has been highlighting high school and college senior athletes who are missing out on their final season due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Highlighted athletes are posted on 979espn.com and talked about on the Rob Dibble Show M-F 3p-7p.

Check these out:

Senior Night CT - Madison Hilimire U-Hart Softball

Senior Night CT - Windsor High Tennis

If you'd like to participate:

Simply send submissions to my email or twitter: bendarnell@iheartmedia.com or @ESPNBenDarnell

We are looking for ...




Help give some of our local athletes some love. They are more heartbroken missing out on playing their sports than most of us fans are not having any to cheer for.

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