The Rob Dibble Show's Latest COVID-19 Related Interviews

Rob Dibble, Ben Darnell and the crew have been working hard to bring you informative COVID-19 interviews with a handful of experts.

You can listen to The Rob Dibble Show weekdays from 3pm to 7pm on 97.9 ESPN.

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Latest Interviews:


  • Nicole Berucci is a research scientist and the resident marathon runner for the Rob Dibble Show. She came on to talk about what scientists are doing to try and find a cure for the Covid-19 virus. She also discussed what kind of scientific research she has done in her career. It is very informative and a must listen


Patricia Rehmer - CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

  • From Hartford Healthcare, the President of Behavioral Health, Patricia Rehmer joined the Rob Dibble Show. She came on to discuss what mental health is like during the Covid-19 Pandemic and what we all can do to better our mental health. She gives tips and tricks to getting through these days, and tells us how our healthcare workers are dealing with everything going on.


  • ESPN's Marc Kestecher, a play-by-play voice and studio host, joined the Rob Dibble Show. He came on to talk about how Coronavirus has effected the sports world. He also discusses where he was and what games he was calling when the NCAA and NBA seasons were suspended. He also talks about what he misses most in sports.

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