Untapped Potential Inc. Continues to Serve its Mission During COVID-19

Here is Renee's interview with Candace Freedenberg, Founder of Untapped Potential Inc.

She chats about how Untapped Potential Inc. is continuing to serve its mission during this challenging time and how you can attend a virtual Mentor Mingle on May 20th.

Listen below:

Untapped Potential Inc. continues to serve its mission during this challenging time.

We have virtual on-line community, skillUP and networking events focused on the experienced-professional that opted-out to raise their children and is eager to return or pivot to their caliber.

Our signature "Return-to-work Speed Interview" Event was held prior to 'Social Distancing'.

Since then, many candidates had 2nd interviews and today we are onboarding two Candidates at a tremendous Pledging Partner Company! This is our 4th Flexreturn™ engagement with the start-up Movia Robotics Inc., that delivers robotic assistive instruction for those with autism and other learning challenges.

We'll host our Mentor Mingle for those that want to "Tap Into Their Potential" with the support of peers, mentors and coaches on MAY 20th whether Live or Virtual, the event will support our host venue Popovers in Simsbury which is supplying their goodies to hospital caregivers during this period.


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