CT River Valley Community FB Group: Bringing Helpful Info to the Community!

The CT River Valley Community Facebook Group, which launched 6 days ago, is helping bring real time information to businesses in the tri-town area.

To join the Facebook group: CLICK HERE.

In this time of uncertainty, it is important that businesses know what local, state and federal government is doing on their behalf, we’ve been able to keep them current thanks to postings by our elected officials and local health departments. First responders, insurance providers, banks and labor attorneys are engaged on the site in addition to those in the medical field, as both physical and mental health are of utmost concern. We have people posting from grocery stores, restaurants and other providers of necessities.

If you own or operate a business in the towns of Glastonbury, East Hartford, and Marlborough and are still OPEN during this COVID-19 crisis:

The group has created a survey asking for businesses to respond only if they are still open. The CT River Valley Community Facebook Group will aggregate the information and post it so we all can continue to support them.


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