Baribault Jewelers Power to B Bracelets, 50% Feeds America's Covid-19 Fund

During these uncertain times we want to help empower you to B the best version of you and Fear Less! Schools have closed and some families are without necessary meals. Starting now, 50% of all proceeds from our Power to B Bracelets will directly support Feeding America's COVID-19 Response Fund for local food banks providing nutrition to the children that typically rely on the Free National School Lunch Programs.

Choose from B Fearless, B Brave, B Fierce, B Badass, B Limitless

Purchase online (scroll down to bottom) or call (860)633-1727 . Free US ground shipping or curbside pickup available. While supplies last.

A Note From the Designer:


These words describe my core intentions that inspired me to create the “Power to B” collection and my heart is on fire to continue to share this collection in a BIG way...

My name is Christina Baribault-Ortiz and in the entrepreneurial space I am known as “Chrissy B”. I also am 3rd generation and a part of my family’s Jewelry store in CT- Baribault Jewelers since 1948. I am a Jewelry Designer and I am committed to creating impact in women’s lives every day in a positive way through the Power of visual reminders and jewelry. I am also a goal seeker, dreamer and believe in rising and growing through challenge.

Through my own seasons of life’s challenges, I developed a reminder practice for myself that I have done daily for over 15 years. And jewelry being attached to so many stories I got to listening in my daily interactions and connections at the jewelry store from other women. I saw a need for support, motivation, direction and inspiration during their own challenges, dreams and goals. I thought if this practice works for me I wonder if I can help others…I created the “Power to B” collection.

This jewelry is meant to B worn every day as a Reminder that we each have the power inside to B the best version of ourselves and create the lives we dream of… through jewelry we can all wear your reminders where we can see them… To B fearless. B fierce. B brave. B strong. B limitless. B badass.

I am humbled by the response the community has given me so far and I am honored to be able to B a part of spreading joy and positivity into the world!

I welcome you to join me on social media under Chrissy B Brand. I am on Facebook and Instagram and both platforms showcase testimonials, inspiration and of course the Power to B collection. I promise you will find inspiration and your “Power to B”.

I look forward to your feed forward! With gratitude.

Xxoo, Chrissy

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