#GoodNews: Landlord Stops Collecting Rent During Coronavirus Outbreak

Everyone needs a break...and this guy is giving a major one to his tenants...

A landlord in Maine has shared that he won’t be collecting rent from his tenants in April because of the coronavirus outbreak. In a Facebook post,Nathan Nichols writes that he owns two units in South Portland and the people living there are hourly workers who may not be able to pay rent because they may not be able to work right now.

Nichols urges other landlords to consider doing the same for their tenants who may be struggling financially and in an update to his post, he shares that at least one other landlord says she’s going to “be following suit.” Hundreds of comments to his post have praised him for the act of kindness and sympathy to his tenants.

Credit: Newsweek

(photo: Getty Images)

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