Parent Sues Connecticut Little League Because Son Was Hit By A Pitch

I'm a Little League Dad. I coach, rake the field, work the concession stand, go to the board meetings, ump games, I'm all in..and so are dozens more families in my hometown, and thousands more across CT. We do it because we love that our kids love something we love too - baseball. Take a look at this you think the parents have a right to sue?


A parent is suing the Branford Little League in Connecticut after his son was hit in the face by a pitch, according to the New Haven Register,. The lawsuit claims that the during the game where the child was hit, Branford Little League failed to provide a properly trained umpire.

Miguel Torres, the parent, filed the lawsuit in Superior Court in New Haven, Conn. on behalf of his son, whose name has not yet been released. The lawsuit is seeking more than $15,000 in damages for the Torres family. Their attorney Blake Barone said the child suffered "facial fractures" after being hit by the pitch and may need to undergo multiple surgeries.

"The plaintiff, (Torres' son), while participating in said game, entered the batter's box, in anticipation of taking his at-bat, and upon entering said batter's box, but before he was ready, the pitcher threw the ball from the mound, and struck the plaintiff in the face," attorney Blake Barone wrote in the lawsuit.

Barone alleges that no umpires were scheduled to officiate the game, which was played in October of 2018. The lawsuit claims that a "single, untrained and non-uniformed" individual ended up serving as the umpire for the game. Barone is also alleging negligence because Branford Little League did not have a policy in place to prevent games from happening if trained umpires were not present. 

CBS SPORTS / New Haven Register

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