Finex Credit Union

Here is Renee's interview with Michael Palladino, CEO and President of Finex Credit Union, and Kristina Ziegler, Vice President of Sales and Operations.

They share a little history about the company, why it's so important be involved in the community, and about an exciting new event happening March 11th-March 27th that can give you some extra cash!

Listen below for all of the info!

Finex Credit Union is giving back $1,000 by randomly replacing $20s with $50s at the ATM in the Shoprite of East Hartford

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, customers and non-customers that are feeling lucky are encouraged to visit the Finex Credit Union ATM at the Shoprite in East Hartford and take a chance to win. Finex Credit Union will be randomly replacing $20s with $50s at the East Hartford Shoprite ATM location for a total of $1,000 going back into the community. This promotion will run from March 11, 2020 to March 27, 2020 only at the Shoprite located at 31 Main St, East Hartford, CT 06118.

Finex is committed to the communities they serve - working hard to be there for members “wherever you are”. “With our Axcess Cash Back Debit Card, this promotion just highlights another way we give back,” said Michael Palladino, CEO and President at Finex Credit Union.

The installation of the Finex Credit Union ATM in this Shoprite location further solidifies the partnership between Finex Credit Union & the Cohen Family, who own and operate this store and two others in Manchester & Vernon. Finex management was approached by the Cohen Family about the ATM opportunity in the fall to help serve the needs of the area after United Bank closed in May 2019.

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