Geno Auriemma On Coronavirus & Not Shaking Hands "Don't get me started."

UConn head coach Gene Auriemma isn't a fan of the American Athletic Conference's rule requesting that team's forgo postgame handshake lines to protect themselves from possibly spreading coronavirus.

"The conference has a policy that you can't shake hands after games. Well, we did today anyway," Auriemma said. "Our men played Houston the other day. They sweated [sic] on each other for two hours and then they weren't allowed to shake hands. Our assistant, Sarah, her son is a wrestler," he added. "They wrestled for I don't know how long on this dirty mat and they go, 'no shaking hands.' I mean, come on ... Don't get me started."

As a result, teams, leagues and governing bodies throughout sports have responded in countless ways to the public health crisis. 

Uconn, despite a 'down year' in their own standards (28-3) will have still a chance to win their conference tournament tonight. Coverage on our sister station 97.9 ESPN, CT's official home for Uconn sports starts at 6:30pm.

(photo Getty Images)

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