Denver Airport Donates Unclaimed Luggage To Those In Need!

Denver is filled with people who think of others first...

For example, they were the first city to take leftover food from their sports arenas and games, and redistribute it to homeless shelters and soup kitchens - instead of throwing it out! Now, their Airport is taking that theory and applying it to unclaimed luggage!

More than 69 million people travel through Denver International Airport each year and -- not surprisingly -- some of them lose or forget their luggage at the baggage claim.

But instead of just throwing away the abandoned luggage, the airport has been donating it to a local homeless shelter.

Just last year, maintenance crews collected 850 suitcases, which were given to the Denver Rescue Mission.

Thanks to the arrangement between the airport and the shelter, many people in need have access to clothing and supplies, as well as other abandoned items like strollers and boots.

Can we start this at Bradley???


(photo: Getty Images)

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