GOOD NEWS: Mom Reunited With Son Kidnapped 55 Years Ago!!

An elderly woman in Kentucky cried tears of joy after seeing her son again, 55 years after a babysitter kidnapped him. Anna-Mary Barnett was just a teenager back in 1965, when the sitter ran off with her then five-year-old son,Jerry.

Over the years, the grieving mom asked agencies for help finding her boy, but had no luck. The mom and son were finally reunited after his son, Damon Parker, took a DNA test and discovered he had a cousin and a grandmother in Kentucky. That brought Jerry back into Anna-Mary’s life and they were able to see each other face-to-face again recently.

“Oh my goodness, you talk about excited,” the delighted mother says of their reunion.

Source:Fox News

(photo: Getty Images)

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