They Got Some MAJOR Snow In Canada This Weekend...WOW!

For the fourth straight day, a state of emergency remained in effect in St. John's. Mayor Danny Breen initially made the declaration on Friday, the first state of emergency declaration in nearly 36 years.

A record-breaking snowfall in Newfoundland, Canada, has left residents with the enormous task of digging themselves out of piles and piles of snow.

According to the Associated Press (AP), Newfoundland Premier Dwight Ball requested federal assistance on Saturday. Troops were expected to arrive Sunday to help with tasks such as snow removal, providing transportation and assisting the elderly and any other residents with health concerns. A number of residents still reportedly are stuck in their homes.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported up to 300 troops were being mobilized.

St. John's International Airport recorded 76.2 cm (30 inches) of snow Friday, according to Environment Canada, breaking the previous daily snowfall record set on April 5, 1999, of 68.4 cm (26.93 inches).

Footage from the area this weekend showed residents digging themselves out of deep of snow covering streets and cars.

Drifts higher than 10 feet left entire towns under snow!

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