Six-Year-Old Saves Family From House Fire!

A six-year-old girl became a hero when she woke up to save her family from a fire in their New Jersey home. Madalyn Karlbon, her two-year-old brother and their parents were all asleep when she woke up to a burning sensation in her eyes and throat in the middle of the night.

She also heard the family’s smoke detector alarm going off, so she ran to wake up her mom, who had fallen asleep downstairs. Madi wasn’t able to get her mother up, but she woke up her dad, who got her and her brother out, then he went back in for the mother, according to Fire Official Cory S. Spillar.

"To say all of us here at the Avenel Fire Department are so proud of you is an understatement," the department shared in a Facebook post. “Way to go Madalyn. You're indeed a hero!!!”

Source:USA Today

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