This Puppy Was Born Lime Green!

Most puppies are described as cute and adorable, but one in North Carolina is making people green with envy!

That's because he's green. He was the fourth of eight puppies born to a white Shepherd named Gypsy. Shana Stamey says he came out with bright lime green fur. So of course, they named him Hulk.

A local vet attributes the color to liquid from inside mom's stomach called meconium in the birth sack. It'll go away after a while, and it'll be white like its siblings.The color is already fading and should be gone in a few weeks. Now he looks like a yellow peep with hints of green.

Stamey has gotten a lot of requests to adopt little Hulk, and she’ll vet out the right family by the time he is eight weeks old.

Source:Asheville Citizen Times

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