Spotted: Jimmy Buffett visits the Mark Twain House in Hartford

Margaritaville....or Mark Twain-aville?

Connecticut Parrotheads: yes, the real Jimmy Buffett paid a visit to Hartford, Connecticut on Wednesday, January 8th!

The musician decided to grab tickets to see the Mark Twain House & Museum and share his adventures on Twitter and Instagram with a simple caption on social media attributed to the Connecticut writer: "Life is short. Break the rules"

On Twitter, he shared photos from his Instagram Stories - which are typically disappearing content - of him strumming a guitar at Twain's desk posting the picture using the hashtag #HeroOfMine, looking at a painting of the author and standing outside of the Hartford home, among other photos.

We are uncertain as to why he was visiting Connecticut, whether he will be inspired with new music from the Constitution State, and what else his trip included.

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