A Six-Time Cancer Survivor Gets Her Own Rose Bowl Parade Re-Do!

As a six-time cancer survivor,Stacy Kimmel was chosen to be on a float in the Rose Parade in Pasadena on New Year’s Day. But the California mom is battling her seventh bout of cancer and effects from treatment left her too sick on the big day, so she had to cancel.

On Monday, in coordination with the Pasadena Police Department and local businesses that donated supplies, Kimmel was driven down the parade’s route, just as she would have been during the actual day.

She says she was “pretty crushed” to miss one of her bucket list items, so the Foundation for Living Beauty, a nonprofit that helps women with cancer, stepped in. They helped set up her very own ceremony days later, with flowers, a convertible car, and a trip down the exact parade route, where she waved to adoring fans while wearing a tiara.

“You wake up and you have this opportunity,” Kimmel says. “And look what happens. I’m queen for the day.”

Fingers crossed Stacy kicks cancer's a$$ for the 7th time!!!


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