Boy Gets Magnifying Glass For Christmas, Promptly Sets Yard On Fire With It

Some Christmas gifts should come with explicit instructions, like "don't use this to set things on fire."

That would have been a good idea for a Texas family that gave their 12-year-old son a magnifying glass as a gift. The boy immediately used it for something other than reading.

Nissa-Lynn Parson shared on Facebook how her family's Christmas Day was "memorable to say the least" after her son used that magnifying glass to set the family's yard on fire. 

Cayden Parson took his gift along with his two brothers outside and began trying to light a newspaper on fire. They succeeded and when one of the boys picked up the burning paper and threw it, a fire erupted on their front lawn and quickly spread. 

Family members rushed to get buckets of water and blankets to smother the flames while also turning the sprinklers on to prevent the flames from spreading to their neighbor's home. Luckily, nobody was hurt and the fire was contained to their front lawn. 

The family says they are going to need to get some yard work done. 

Source: Fox News

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