Four-Year-Old “Hero” Calls 911, Saving Mom’s Life

A preschooler from New Jersey is being called a hero for thinking fast and helping to save her mom’s life.Haley Glaser collapsed and was unresponsive on the floor at her Franklin Township home when her four-year-old daughter, Isla, called 911 for help.

“My mommy fell down and she can’t talk,” Isla calmly told the dispatcher on the phone. In the scary situation, she kept an eye on her three younger siblings, a two-year-old sister and one-year-old twin brothers, staying on the phone with 911 until first responders arrived. The little girl even tried to keep the dogs quiet and unlocked the door for police.

Isla has been made an honorary junior police officer and was awarded a certificate of commendation for her bravery and heroic efforts in the medical emergency. “I know adults that can’t handle this type of an incident with that much bravery, poise and distinction,” says Lieutenant Philip Rizzo.

Source:Good Morning America

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