World's Oldest Couple Celebrates 80th Anniversary!!

Back in 1934, John and Charlotte Henderson met in a college class. The ended up getting married -- and are now just days away from celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary.

Charlotte is 105. John is 106. This makes them the world’s oldest living couple.

Since retiring, they have enjoyed traveling around the world and attending University of Texas football games, as John is also the oldest living former University of Texas football player.

John and Charlotte say one of the keys to their marriage is to avoid arguing as much as possible -- and make it a point to settle any differences before bedtime. The couple said that they are living a healthy life, they eat healthy food, and they do not drink much, and John still do exercises every day. The couple has wonderful health.

The Hendersons never had kids, John quipped,“so some people have said that’s really why we’ve lived so long!”

(The Digital Weekly)

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