Fans Toss 45,000 Stuffed Animals At Hockey Team For Charity!!

Fans of the Pennsylvania pro-hockey team, the Hershey Bears, pelted players with thousands of stuffed animals, but it was all for a good cause. The team was hosting its annual Teddy Bear Toss, which invites fans in the stands to throw the toys onto the ice after the home team makes its first goal. The toys are then donated to local charities.

This year, it only took eight minutes for the Bears to score and then the stuffed animals started flying, but it took another 40 minutes to clean them up and resume the game. That’s because this year’s haul was bigger than ever - 10,000 more toys than last year’s toss. Bears staff counted 46,650 total stuffed animals, which will make a lot of little ones happy.

And one club seat holder also pledged to donate $1 to Children’s Miracle Network for each stuffed animal, so even more good came out of the Teddy Bear Toss this year.


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