Lose Weight & Have Better Skin - Eat Banana Peels!!!!

A banana a day can keep the doctor away, at least according to a top UK dietician. We already know that bananas eating the fruit can help prevent heart attacks and strokes as well as aid weight loss, but now Susie Burrell is sharing good news about the skins. Here’s a run down of her findings when you add skins to your diet:

  • 20-percent more vitamin B6
  • 20-percent more vitamin C
  • It boosts your potassium and magnesium
  • You get more fiber
  • Green skins are rich in tryptophan (good for sleep) and resistance starch which helps gut health
  • Yellow skin is loaded with antioxidants

If you’re wondering how to eat it, boiling the skin is a great way to soften it up. Then you can add it to smoothies, muffins, banana bread, and curries. Burrell also suggests cooking meat on top of the skins for added moisture content. They even make a good vinegar.

Who knew?

Source:The Sun

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