This is the World’s First Brewery / Adoptable Dog Bar!

You can get much more than just a pint of beer at this Oregon taphouse.

Fido’s Taphouse is being hailed as the world’s first bar and restaurant that also doubles as a foster home for pups that were rescued from kill shelters in central California.

Since the Portland-based establishment opened in 2018, they have helped 70 different shelter dogs find homes.

Fido’s founder Scott Porter says that he was inspired to launch the taphouse after he learned about cat cafés. Additionally, he hopes that the foster dogs will help give families the same kind of love and therapeutic support that his own dogs have offered to him.

“My own dogs helped me through some pretty severe depression,” he told TODAY in the video interview below. “They were extremely loving and attentive to me. And they understood that I was going through some tough times.”

The bar typically accommodates three or four shelter dogs at a time in a room that is separated from the dining area, although their facilities are equipped to house eight. If a potential adopter decides to adopt one of the lucky pups, they are required to wait three days before signing the paperwork so staffers can be sure that alcohol did not influence their decision.

If you want to learn more about Fido’s Taphouse, you can visit their website, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebookpages.


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