Woman “Orders Pizza” In 911 Call To Report Domestic Violence

Ohio police dispatcher Tim Teneyck answered a 911 call from a woman who said she wanted to order a pizza, but she actually needed help reporting a domestic violence incident. He initially told the woman she had the wrong number to order a pizza, but the unnamed caller told him, “No, no, no, no … you’re not understanding,” and then he realized what was going on responded, “I’m getting you now, okay … The guy still there?”

Through a coded conversation, Teneyck was able to learn she couldn’t stay on the phone and sent officers to the address, advising them to turn off their sirens before approaching. The 38-year-old caller was getting help for her 57-year-old mother, who’s live-in boyfriend was reportedly pushing and punching her.

Police arrived and arrested the boyfriend for domestic violence and Teneyck is getting praise for realizing what was going on so he could help. Now that call will be used in training so other dispatchers can learn to recognize this situation.

Source: NBC News

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