Boy Not Expected to Live Past Second Birthday Gets A Parade For His Third!!

Brittany Stineman was warned her son, Nash, wouldn’t live to see his second birthday, but he just turned three and his community celebrated by throwing him a parade. When Nash was 11-months-old he was diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular disease, SMARD, which causes muscular weakness and a sudden inability to breathe in infants and it has no cure or treatment.

Because he has a weakened immune system, the little boy can’t be around a group of people in a traditional birthday party, so they did the parade instead. For more than an hour, over 100 cars, trucks, and jeeps drove down Nash’s street in a Chicago suburb to support and celebrate him.

"It was a magical day," Stineman says. "It just made me feel so much more hopeful about what the next year could bring."


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