9 Year Old Gets Ready To Graduate From College!

A nine-year-old from Belgium is about to earn his degree in electrical engineering from a college in the Netherlands.

Laurent Simons is set to graduate from the Eindhoven University of Technology next month. After that, he plans to go for his PhD while also studying medicine. Simons' teachers noticed early on that he was gifted, able to absorb and learn concepts at a remarkable speed. Ultimately, Simons says he wants to develop artificial organs.

Laurent’s parents Lydia and Alexander say they thought the boy’s grandparents were naturally exaggerating when they pointed out Laurent was gifted. Teachers then tested him and everyone soon knew the extent of the boy’s intelligence.

He says he plans to take a well-earned vacation to Japan after graduation. Then, Laurent will have to sift through the list of prestigious universities already lining up to have him as a student.

Source: CNN

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