Allied Rehabilitation Centers

Here is Renee's interview with Melissa Trzepacz, Director of Employment Services for Allied Rehabilitation Centers, Inc. and Michael Eugenio, Employment Services Manager for Allied Rehabilitation Centers, Inc.!

They chat about their employment services and how they work to assess and train individuals, in order to align their interests and strengths with potential job placements!

Listen to the complete interview here:

About Allied Employment Services

We help people develop their potential to become as independent as possible to maximize their employment options. We provide career and functional assessments that carefully evaluate each individual in order to align their interests and strengths with potential job placements.

Training for our participants has been developed around the career assessments outcomes. Current training modules include confidentiality, safe relationships, lawn care, hygiene, restaurant culinary, janitorial, customer service, car detailing, bottle redemption, data entry, safety, retail, money skills and the computer. To address the growing demand by participants for new job opportunities, we use our Employment Services Manager to job develop. He identifies appropriate job opportunities and markets our employees by highlighting unmet needs that our employees can fill for the employer.

Our Employment Opportunities:

  • Mark Twain Congregate Living – Janitorial Services
  • Joe’s Fine Wine & Spirits – Redemption Center
  • Allied Community Resources Mailroom
  • SourceAmerica Janitorial Contracts


Allied Car Detailing Services

Wood Bundling

Lawn Care

Allied’s Attic Thrift Store and Donation Processing Center

Different by Design Jewelry

For more info, visit:

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