What Are Rock Stars Afraid Of?? Here Are Some Rock Star Phobias!

The Website "Ultimate Classic Rock" put together a list of phobias that some really famous rock stars have been known to have. Some are pretty common, others are a little bizare!

David Bowie, Gene Simmons, David Lee Roth, Brian Wilson, Christine McVie - all have a fear of FLYING

Sheryl Crow - fear of HEIGHTS

Dave Grohl - doesn't like tight spaces

Ozzy Osbourne - rats

Freddie Mercury - spiders

Alice Cooper and Joe Perry o fAerosmith - Needles

Johnny Depp - Clowns

Ringo Starr - germs!

Joe Elliott of Def Leppard - afraid of saying THANK YOU to the wrong city!

James Hetfield of Metallica - afraid of RESPONSIBILITY

Bruce Springsteen - Donald Trump

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!

Check out UltimateClassicRock.com for more!

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