Soldier Amputates His Own Leg To Save Crewmates’ Lives

A U.S. soldier is being recognized as a hero for saving his crewmates after a freak accident. Ezra Maes was deployed with the Army in Poland last year when the tank they were sleeping in as part of an overnight training exercise rolled downhill and crashed, according to the Department of Defense. His leg was caught in a gear and he then amputated his own leg to save the others.

No one knew their tank was down there, so after the 21-year-old soldier performed life-saving measures on himself to stop the bleeding, he requested help for his crew. Doctors weren’t able to save his leg, but he says he’s grateful to have just survived.

“I feel super lucky,” Maes says “My crew all does. So many things could have gone wrong. Besides my leg, we all walked away pretty much unscathed.”

Source:New York Post

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