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Here is Renee's interview with Kelly Anastasio, COC, CPC-H, CPC-I, CPC-P, Associate Director of Clinical Trial Resources at Yale Center for Clinical Investigation, Sandra Trevino-Ranalli, MSSW, LCSW, Associate Director for Community Research at Yale Center for Clinical Investigation, and Rhoda Z. Arzoomanian, MSM, BSN, RN, Associate Director of Yale Center for Clinical Investigation.

They give an overview of clinical trials and all of the different ways the information is collected and utilized. They also chat about the importance of community outreach, especially in regards to finding specific groups of people to participate and how they combat common myths associated with the anxiety of taking part in a trial.

Listen to the complete interview here:

Rhoda Z. Arzoomanian, MSM, BSN, RN

joined Yale in 2014 as Associate Director of YCCI and Yale Cancer Center. A nationally recognized expert in cancer clinical research, clinical trials databases, and the management of an NCI-designated cancer center, Ms. Arzoomanian has over 30 years of clinical research experience. Her position at Yale encompasses clinical research across the medical campus, including Yale Cancer Center. She oversees clinical research regulatory units, developing results-oriented strategies for these areas as well as testing and verifying compliance and good clinical practices. Ms. Arzoomanian was asked to oversee the clinical trials operations of Yale Cancer Center temporarily when she was hired at Yale. She graciously agreed to fill both positions for a limited time. After playing an active role over the past five years in the growth and success of Yale Cancer Center’s clinical research, the Cancer Center is seeking a suitable candidate to work with an experienced team of deputies. Ms. Arzoomanian is excited to finally fill the role for which she was originally hired. At YCCI, she is responsible for the oversight of implementation timelines; the YCCI multicenter unit; the YCCI IND/IDE support unit; project management resources; and the activities related to eSource and eReg implementation at Yale. Her background, which included implementation of NCI initiation timeline targets, is a valuable asset to investigators across the spectrum of T1–T4 research.

In addition, Ms. Arzoomanian has long been recognized as a leader in the development and refinement of the NCI’s Clinical Trials Reporting Program and Cancer Informatics for the Cancer Center’s Advisory Board, focusing specifically on NCI data reporting standards. She served as a member of the 2005 NCI Clinical Trials Working Group and of the NCI Clinical Trials Advisory Committee’s Clinical Informatics Working Group. The group’s purpose was the provision of extramural expertise and advice on the implementation of NCI informatics initiatives. These initiatives were intended to improve the value of cancer clinical trial data as well as increase the accessibility of this information to physicians, patients, and the public while minimizing the burden of data management.

Kelly Anastasio, COC, CPC-H, CPC-I, CPC-P, Associate Director of Clinical Trial Resources at Yale Center for Clinical Investigation

Kelly Anastasio is the associate director of clinical trial resources and oversees recruitment and development. Prior to joining YCCI, she spent six years as clinical research and reimbursement manager in the Department of Orthopaedics, where she was responsible for managing clinical trial activity including budget development, contract negotiations, clinical trials matrix, and operational flow. Her outstanding contributions had a positive impact on the department’s performance, contributing to record levels of accomplishment and she was awarded the Leadership in Research Billing Compliance Award by Yale Medical Group Compliance in 2010.

Ms. Anastasio is a certified Professional Medical Coding Curriculum instructor whose previous experience includes teaching for the Medical Coding Academy in Branford, CT and at The Coding Center of Connecticut.

At YCCI, Ms. Anastasio also oversees the OnCore project which includes many aspects of Yale’s institutional clinical research program, including determining the feasibility of research projects, allocating resources, budgeting for resource needs, and communicating and providing support to research teams. Her organizational and managerial skills have been an asset to YCCI as it seeks to broaden its ability to provide these critical services to investigators across the health campus.

Sandra Trevino-Ranalli, MSSW, LCSW, Associate Director for Community Research at Yale Center for Clinical Investigation

Sandra Trevino-Ranalli is the Associate Director for Community Research for the Yale Center for Clinical Investigation (YCCI).  In her role, she is responsible for the development and updating of the strategic long-range plans for Yale's community engagement activities to support clinical research at Yale to promote bi-directional collaborations between the clinical researchers and community partners. To this end, Mrs. Trevino-Ranalli oversees YCCI's community outreach program which includes the YCCI cultural ambassadors program and new initiatives to expand this program throughout Connecticut, North Carolina, Puerto Rico and beyond.

As the former Executive Director for Junta for Progressive Action for over 10 years, she brings her expertise in community engagement and support to underserved and underrepresented communities. Additionally, Ms. Trevino-Ranalli was one of the founding members of YCCI’s Cultural Ambassadors and was instrumental in shaping and strengthening the program from within.

Ms. Trevino is also a Licensed Certified Clinical Social Worker specializing in childhood mental disorders. She served as a member of the New Haven Board of Police Commissioners from 2007 to 2014 and continues to serve on several boards, including the Tow Youth Justice Initiative Advisory Council at the University of New Haven, the International Festival of Arts and Ideas, and Read to Grow. She was a recipient, in 2014, of the Connecticut Women’s Education and Legal Fund (CWEALF) One Woman Makes a Difference Award. In 2010, and again in 2017, she received the Yale University Seton Elm-Ivy Award, which recognizes those whose work strengthens collaboration and relationships between Yale and New Haven. 

There are currently over 2,000 clinical trials in process at Yale in virtually every therapeutic category. We need volunteers of all ages and backgrounds in order to help researchers develop new and better treatments.

There are many reasons why people volunteer to take part in a clinical trial:

  • Some volunteers have a condition that is being treated effectively, but they want to help doctors find out more about it in order to develop new treatments.
  • Sometimes volunteers have a friend or loved one with an illness or injury, and they want to participate in a research study as a way to help those who suffer from the same condition.
  • Participating in a clinical trial may offer potential experimental options that might be unavailable otherwise.
  • Many people choose to participate in a study even though it might not help them directly. Knowing that others may benefit from their efforts is a rewarding experience.

For more information:

Visit YaleClinicalTrials.com or call 1-877-978-8343

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