First 80's Video To Hit 1 Billion Views On YouTube Is Sweet Child O' Mine!

"Sweet Child O' Mine" is now officially the first music video from the 1980's to get a BILLION views on YouTube. Guns N' Roses also became the first music video from the 1990's to get a billion YouTube views too for "November Rain" (they did it back in 2018)..

GUNS N' ROSES' staying power is undeniable. They have more than 6.7 million YouTube subscribers and record-breaking videos across decades, the band and their iconic music continues to inspire. Their loyal legion of hard-rocking fans from all over the world keep coming back to their classic videos, making them one of the top 200 most viewed artists of 2019 globally on YouTube.

Some GNR stats: (from

*"November Rain" is the only music video from the 1990s in the Billion Views Club.

*"Sweet Child O' Mine"is the first music video from the 1980s to enter the Billion Views Club

*GUNS N' ROSES has amassed over 6.7 million subscribers on their official artist channel.

* Daily views of GUNS N' ROSES have averaged 3.1 million in 2019

*GUNS N' ROSES is amongst the top 200 most viewed artist of 2019 both globally and in the U.S.

*GUNS N' ROSES has already earned over 895 million views in 2019, earning massive numbers in countries like the United States (163 million), Brazil (117 million), Mexico (112 million), Argentina (48 million), and Colombia (37 million).

* The official music video for"Sweet Child O' Mine"has seen an average of 590,000 daily views in 2019


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