Policeman Delivers Baby After Pulling Over Speeding Parents

In Collier County, Florida, Sheriff’s Deputy Robert Pounds pulled over a speeder who was driving 63 miles per hour in a 45-mph zone. But instead of just giving the driver a speeding ticket, he ended up delivering a baby.

In his 30 years on the force, Robert had never before delivered a baby. But after pulling over Wilfrid Jean-Louis, he realized quickly why Wilfrid and his wife, Fabienne, were traveling so fast. They were scrambling to the hospital -- and it didn’t look like they were going to make it.

Once Robert figured out what was going on, he sprang into action, grabbing a blanket and helping Fabienne deliver the baby -- a little girl.

Robert delivered the baby and made sure she was breathing properly -- and then waited for paramedics to arrive and cut the cord.

Robert admitted he’s heard plenty of different excuses from people trying to explain why they were speeding, but admitted this one was a “pretty reasonable excuse.”

Wilfrid and Fabienne are certainly grateful for the help Robert was able to provide -- and even honored the deputy by naming their daughter Leila Robert Jean-Louis. (USA Today)

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