Billy Joel Buys Fan 101st Ticket To His Show

Billy Joel is a man of his word – especially for his fans. Back in August, he spotted a fan in the crowd of Madison Square Garden holding a sign saying it was his 100th time seeing the Piano Man live… and Joel promised to make his 101st free.

Now, Page Six reports that Joel has made good on that promise.Dr. Geoff Epstein tells the outlet that he’s been given four free tickets and backstage passes. Over the years, Epstein says he’s “realistically spent between $25K and $50K” on Joel’s residency.

For the fan, going to see The Piano Man is like going to a Knicks game… except at Joel’s concerts, his team “always wins.” “It was very generous… I’ve been a fan for over 40 years,” Epstein adds.

Credit: Page 6 / NY Post

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