Operation Fuel: Add a Dollar!

Here is Renee's interview with Brenda Watson, Executive Director of Operation Fuel!

She chats about the Add-a-Dollar program and how it helps contribute to Operation Fuel in a simple and effective way! She also chats about all of the ways that Operation Fuel donations help families across the state of Connecticut.

Listen to the complete interview here:

One of the easiest ways to support families struggling with energy costs is through Operation Fuel's #AddADollar program, where we partner with utility providers so customers can conveniently add a one-time or monthly donation to their utility bill, and the providers sends your donation to us so we can use it to help families. Click one of our energy partners below to learn more and begin powering your Connecticut neighbors in need.

Every Dollar Makes a Difference

The Add-a-Dollar program raises a significant amount of money for Operation Fuel and gives us the resources we need to ensure that vulnerable families and individuals have access to heat and electricity. All of the money collected for the Add-a-Dollar program goes directly to providing energy assistance for Connecticut households.

If everyone who can afford to do so adds just one dollar to their monthly utility bill, it will make a significant difference for the many families and individuals who are struggling with their energy costs. Since Operation Fuel started the Add-a-Dollar program in late 1983, it has provided nearly $19 million in energy assistance to almost 50,000 Connecticut households.


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