GOOD NEWS: Cheerleader Saves Choking Boy At Parade!

A high school cheerleader in Rockwell, Texas, is being called a hero after she jumped off a float during a homecoming parade to save a two-year-old boy who was choking.

Tyra Winters was enjoying the parade, waving to the crowd from a float rolling down the street. And part of the tradition in Rockwell involves people on the floats throwing candy to the spectators.

Unfortunately, two-year-old Clarke Hornback started choking on one of those pieces of candy.

Tyra heard Clarke’s mother, Nicole, screaming for help, so Tyra jumped off the float and worked her magic, tilting Clarke down and hitting him in the back to dislodge the candy.

Sure enough, it worked. Clarke spit the candy out and started breathing normally.

It happened so fast that Tyra was able to run just a bit and get back on the float as if nothing ever happened.

Tyra, who wants to be a pediatric surgeon, was trained in the Heimlich maneuver and CPR. And, thankfully, she was in the right place at the right time to put those valuable skills to good use. (KTVT-TV)

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