These NEW CT Laws go into effect October 1st

Here we go again! The next round of NEW State Laws kick in on October 1st and there are some highly talked about changes coming our way....

Smoking Age Raised To 21: The smoking age will go UP from 18 to 21

Minimum Wage Increase: Minimum wage will increase from $10.10 to $11

Gun Laws: There will be many gun safety and ghost gun laws that go into effect

Prepared Foods Tax: *This has been a hotly talked about tax* it’s a new 1% tax on top of the regular sales tax for prepared meals from restaurants and supermarkets

Digital Tax: A 6.35% sales tax will apply to digital purchases..this includes subscriptions

Transgender Panic Defense: This prohibits people from claiming a transgender panic defense to justify a crime

Changes In Opioid Laws: This makes several changes to the process of receiving an opioid prescription

Crumbling Foundations: Sellers of residences with crumbling foundations MUST disclose any information to potential buyers

Of course this is just cracking the surface…for the FULL list of NEW Laws…

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