GOOD NEWS: Company Uses Scrap Wood To Build Toy Guitars For Sick Kids

Rulon International, a company in St. Augustine, Florida that manufactures wood ceilings and acoustical wood walls, is giving back with a unique project. They turn scrap wood into toy guitars and donate them to sick kids around the world.

Wayne Robison, Rulon’s president and CEO, came up with the idea to turn scraps into 10,000 guitars to give away and three years later, they’re more than halfway there. They send the guitars - which come pre-decorated, raw, or with a base-coat - to orphanages, hospitals, and charities, and kids get to paint and decorate them the way they want.

“We feel a responsibility to give back to those less fortunate,” the company says and Robison adds, “I don’t think we’ll ever stop.”

Source:The Florida Times-Union

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