Air Force Sgt. Saves Kids Life On Flight To Pick Up Award For Being Hero!

A U.S. Airman recently saved a child’s life during a flight and if that’s not impressive enough, he was on his way to be honored with an award for being a hero. U.S. Air Force Technical Sergeant Kenneth O’Brien is a special tactics section chief stationed in Japan and he was named one of a dozen “2019 Outstanding Airmen of the Year.”

While O’Brien was serving on President Trump’s security detail for one of the summits with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, he rescued a civilian from a burning vehicle in Korea. He also helped rescue the Thai soccer team from the cave and saved the life of a Thai Navy SEAL during the rescue operation. And on a flight back to the U.S. to pick up his Outstanding Airmen award, a one-year-old child lost consciousness because of an airway blockage and O’Brien resuscitated them and checked on him for the rest of the flight.

"If someone needs to go do something dangerous, I volunteer," O'Brien says of his eventful year. "If someone needs a leader, I volunteer. I happened to be in the right place at the right time and that's what helped me stand out because I sought out key positions of responsibilities."


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