Jefferson Radiology Presents "Mammo " Series with Kerry Burrows

Here is one part from the "Mammo" series with Jefferson Radiology.

In this interview, Renee chats with Kerry Burrows, Patient Liaison (and client!) for Jefferson Radiology. She talks about how it is a form of self-love and self-care to get your yearly mammogram. She also discusses the benefits of 3D breast imaging and how she encourages her friends and family to take advantage of Jefferson Radiology's flexible hours to go and get their yearly check!

Listen to the complete interview here:

What Happens During An Exam?

You will be asked to change completely into a gown. A Mammographer (a specially qualified radiologic technologist) will ask you several questions to review your history. These include questions about your family history, hormone usage and any previous breast surgery.

Your breast will be placed on a special platform of the mammography unit and the Mammographer will gradually compress your breast, working with you to limit any discomfort. You will be asked to hold very still to limit motion on the images. The Mammographer will reposition you between images and check to ensure the images are well positioned and of good technical quality before discharging you.

The benefits of Digital Mammography:

Imaging of the breast improves the ability to detect small tumors. Women have better treatment options when cancers are small.

Micro-calcifications in the breast are best seen on mammograms

Mammography increases the detection of small abnormal tissue growths representing early tumors as well as detecting invasive ductal and invasive lobular cancer

Digital Mammography can improve the contrast between dense and non-dense tissue in the breast

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