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Here is Renee's interview with Jacques Lamarre, Senior Project Manager at BuzzEngine! He fills us in on all of the most exciting upcoming events in the capital city!

Listen below for the complete interview!

Night Fall Hartford - October 5th

Graveyard Shift Ghost Tours at the Mark Twain House

Filled with haunted history, dark tales, and Victorian traditions surrounding seances and spiritualism, these nighttime tours are as educational as they are goosebump-inducing. Participants will hear lots of creepy tales — and learn about Mark Twain’s interest in the supernatural.

The Mark Twain House has been featured on Syfy Channel’s Ghost Hunters and the Biography Channel’s My Ghost Story.

The tours are sponsored by Tsunami Tsolutions.

Tours run at 6 pm, 7 pm, 8 pm, and 9 pm.

Tickets are $25

Children ages 10 to 16: $17

(This tour is NOT suitable for children under 10)

Members: $20

The tours sell out fast, so be sure to call (860) 247-0998 soon to make your reservations! 

Click here for specific dates and tickets!

Mark Twain House Events

Mark My Words: Politcal Satire in "MacTRUMP"

October 7th - 7PM

Click here for more info!

Mark My Words: Augusten Burroughs Talks About Witchcraft in “Toil & Trouble”

October 14th - 7PM

Click here for more info!

Capital Classics Theatre Company Presents “The Invisible Man”

October 25th, 26th, & 27th - 7:30 PM

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