Woman Discovers Venomous Spider In Her Ear While At The Doctors Office

Most people know how it feels to have some water left in your ear after a shower or after going for a swim in the pool. That's what a woman in Kansas City thought might be wrong with her ear after it felt like it was waterlogged.

Susie Torres says she thought she had water stuck in her ear that wouldn't go away, so she went to a doctor. The medical assistant who first checked her ear seemed to be shocked and went to get more people. "She then said, 'I think you have an insect in there."

The medical assistant came back into the room and let her know that it wasn't an insect that was in her ear but rather a venomous brown recluse spider. The medical staff used tools to get the spider out which fortunately did not bite her. 

Susie says that she's taking precautions now to prevent any other arachnids from burrowing in her ear, like stuffing cotton balls or earplugs in her ears before bed. 

Source: KSHB

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