GOOD NEWS: Man Goes From School Janitor To School Principal!

Michael Atkins of Denver, Colorado, has made the most of his career in education, starting as a custodian and recently becoming the principal of an elementary school.

While he was raising his infant daughter, Michael took a job as a part-time custodian and was also taking college courses.

All that hard work paid off when he landed a job as a teacher. Michael then moved up to assistant principal. And this school year, he was chosen to be principal of Stedman Elementary school.

Michael admits that he was fulfilled by the work he did as custodian. He loved the people -- but he also knew it was just a beginning chapter of his journey.

Now, he’s excited to make a difference in the lives of his students, showing them that they can do anything they want to, regardless of where they are or where they came from. (NY Daily News)

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